Over the course of a year, we are going to visit a lot of hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. Some are good, some are not so good, and some are downright ugly. This is our attempt at sharing our reviews.

Keep in mind, nearly everything we'll review is of the budget variety, so we're holding them against that standard. We don't always (or usually) stay at the cheapest option. Instead, we look for the best value at a certain rate that we're looking for. Occasionally, we'll splurge on a mid-range (or even luxury) hotel or treat. We'll make every effort to give the price for each review.

The best way to find reviews for each area is on the By Location page of this site. You can also do a search at the top left corner of this site for a specific place, or you can read all Accommodation, Food, or Entertainment reviews by visiting those pages (at the tabs at the top of this page).

We created a reviews system of Happy Travelers. Each review has the possibility of receiving 1-5 Happy Travelers (5 being the highest score).

If you have any questions, please email us at stephanieswain2010@gmail.com

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  1. hi Tom and Steph, A bit belatedly Maria has sent
    me your blog and I am going to have a wonderful time following you but as far as I can see you didn't pop into Nepal which I love so much and I think you would have found it and the people very like those in Burma. Take care and enjoy the opportunity of a life time love from us all Jo